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All you need for great shopping in Mykonos is the right address and a couple of extra credit cards. Shopping at the stores on the island is a marvellous, memorable experience for restless shoppers, since it is full of surprises and shoppers take home things one can find exclusively in Mykonos. The variety in designer creations is what makes the difference in the island’s jewelry stores; the fashionable environment, high-end aesthetics, jewelry and watches give inspiration lessons.


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Mykonos’ shopping scene is very impressive. Hora (Mykonos Town) is packed with stores of all kinds, where you are bound to find what you are looking for in clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, art works, household decorations, etc. It is something of a surprise to see how the stores blend in with the general feel of Hora, how haute couture, high-end jewelry and brand name stores fit in with the small picturesque streets. The opening hours are rather flexible, and most stores, especially during the peak season, stay open all day, sometimes even well into the night. Many of them are closed in the winter.


At the cosmopolitan Matogianni Street, which starts at the Manto Mavrogenous Square, you will find designer boutiques and jewelry stores. Shops featuring numerous brands and the eccentric creations of famous designers challenge those you are willing to max out their credit cards. At the Tria Pigadia area, on Enoplon Dynameon Street, well known brands take you on a tour of current fashion trends. For summer clothes and accessories head for Agion Anargyron Street, behind Little Venice, and for decorative items head straight for Goumeniou Square. As for shopping hours, most stores open at about 10 in the morning and close at about 2 a.m.


Brand Names


Shopping on Mykonos, however, is not associated with the quaint little stores –of which there are a few- but with the big jewelry and fashion houses that have opened outlets on the island. For example, you can find many brand-name items on the island that you cannot find anywhere else in the country, at a price of course. This does not mean that shopping on Mykonos is only for up-market customers. There are plenty of stores that will furnish you with a very reasonably priced souvenir.


Traditional Shopping


Mykonos features also some beautiful traditional stores where you can find local handicrafts inspired by the island’s history and traditions. In the 19th century Mykonos had developed a reputation for its weaving industry – marked by a skill that was carried into the 20th century. Most homes were equipped with a loom, on which the weavers would create intricate motifs. These skilled women still exist on the island and they have their own stores, where they make “koureloudes” (rugs made of colourful scraps of material), beautiful shawls and bags. Traditional looms can still be found at Kastro, where, across the street from Paraportiani, you will find Ioanna’s loom and in Mikri Venetia (Little Venice) Nikoleta’s loom. On Matoyanni Street you will also find a traditional sandal maker called Liontis, and if you are out shopping for icons, then go to Merkouri’s workshop near the church of Aghia Kyriaki.


Mykonos’s traditional jewelry was also very intricate, and though you will not find any originals on sale today, you will find very beautiful reproductions of Mykonian earrings, while there is also a very nice selection of jewelry at Hristos Xenitidis’s shop and elaborate silver made by Marilli Soubasis. Other than replicas you can also find a fine selection of modern handmade jewelry at various stores, such as that of Y. Voulgaris at the port.

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