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Mykonos welcomes you

Mykonos is considered the Mecca of summer tourism and cosmopolitan vacations, of intense lifestyle and frantic entertainment, of the wonderful whiteness of the houses and the endless blue of the sea, of traditional architecture and contemporary shopping, of wonderful beaches and rich marine life. Nearby Mykonos lies the holy island of Delos, full of history and archaeological wealth.


Luxury Travel Services

Mykonos Gold designs customized luxury travel experiences in Mykonos and Cyclades Greece. We are specialized in designing and organising VIP luxury vacation in Mykonos and Cyclades, fullfiling the needs even of the most demanding and discerning travel visitor from around the world. Mykonos Gold will provide you with high-end personalized services such us: Luxury villa rentals, yacht charter & island hopping, Helicopter & private jet charters, 24/7 concierge services, luxury cars & transfers, sports & things to do around Mykonos, and anything else you may ask for during your vacation. All facets of your trip can be planned with us, before you arrive at your destination.

If you want the assurance that everything is booked and confirmed prior to arrival, or appreciate the security of a consultant who will communicate on your behalf, or want to maximize your time and money in Mykonos and enjoy having inside information, then look no further! Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, we can arrange it!

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will revert with our best suggestions shortly. Ready to find out what we have to offer? Contact us and set the ball rolling for your next unforgettable vacation! Why chose us?

Mykonos Island

Welcome to Mykonos Island! Now you can learn all about what Mykonos has to offer you without leaving the comfort of your own home. If a trip to Mykonos is in your immediate plans, Mykonos Gold will assure you that everything is booked and confirmed prior to your arrival, and provide you with all the information you need about accommodation and shopping on the island, as well as insight on nightlife, entertainment and VIP services, information on how to spend the best time to Mykonos and much more!

While this colorful river of people floods into the island every year, Mykonos is always charming, extra white, blue and flooded with light; it is still the traditional island of the Cyclades, where one can enjoy the local spicy cheese, tasty kopanisti, and listen to the elder people of Mykonos speak their special idiom, wearing stubbornly their black seaman's cap.

Mykonos Golden Guide

Our Mykonos Guide section, offers you a journey into Mykonos’ past, from antiquity and the classical era, till times of occupation by the Turks and the Franks and the liberation period. It brings you closer to the nautical tradition and the time of piracy. It presents the most important personalities of the island’s history, and the foreign travelers that visited the island. The Guide also offers a tour into the traditional architecture and the numerous churches of the island, the sites & attractions, gastronomical diversity and the wines, the cultural events and customs. It also reveals the natural beauties of Mykonos and Delos.

The atmospheric Chora (Mykonos Town) with the paved alleys, the characteristic houses, the Windmills, the Paraportiani, Mikri Venetia (Little Venice) and Matoyiannia takes up most of this Guide’s pages. The rest of the island is also described in detail, and a page is also dedicated to a tour of the sacred island of Delos with the archaeological remains of a glorious past.

Our Guide is a valuable tool for your vacations in Mykonos, since it includes useful information concerning accommodation, food, shopping, entertainment, transportation, beaches, attractions and more!

Our content is updated on a regular basis, to provide you with the most dependable and useful information to plan your trip to Mykonos. After you select the accommodation that’s best for your, you might want to browse through Mykonos Gold to locate the best restaurants in Mykonos to frequent during your stay, as well as learn all about the Mykonos nightlife. These two are perfectly combined, since most restaurants on the island also serve as nightlife hotspots. Moreover, you can find all the necessary information about the island’s breathtaking beaches (location, suggestions, descriptions and photographs). Some are cosmopolitan, others are full of dancing crowds all day long, others are more suited for families and others are perfect for complete silence and relaxation. Mykonos Gold has all the information you will ever need for the beaches on Mykonos Island.

The landscape of Mykonos, with its granite rocks, its merciless sunlight, its deep blue sea, its picturesque windmills and whitewashed houses is interspersed with many great chapels. Cleanly whitewashed, with domes or rooftops and with well wrought bell towers, they are to be seen at every barren slope or desert bay. Mykonos boasts over 350 chapels, some of which treasure rare monuments of ecclesiastic architecture and Byzantine art; such chapels are the Aghia Eleni of the Castle, the Panachrantos, the Aghia Kyriaki, the Panagia of Rakintzis, the St. Nicolas of Rachi, the Panayia Koumarou of Marathi, the Panagia of Kouzis, and the Aghia Hipakoi in Mykonos Town. In the City of Mykonos one can also visit one of the most beautiful churches in all of the Cyclades, namely the famous Panagia Paraportiani (=our Lady of the Gate side, named after its position next to the castle's gate), a splendid building with arches and arcades - a true monument of Cycladic architecture.

Mykonos is one of the most touristic islands in Greece, known throughout the world. The incomparable picturesqueness of the small white houses, the narrow lanes, the small churches, the traditional windmills, as well as the throbbing nightlife makes it a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors. There are many reasons for you to visit Mykonos and Delos during the bustling summer period, as well as during quieter times of the year, and even more reasons to try to investigate the island’s extremely interesting, historical, cultural and nautical past, which is still present in the architecture and the excellent museums.

Mykonos has developed in the 70's into one of the most popular travel destinations in the Mediterranean. Mykonos is visited by over a million of tourists every year, many of whom are international VIP's. A great, cosmopolitan place, with great opportunities for nightlife throughout the City's and the Port's picturesque alleyways, is probably still under the protection of the wine god Dionysus!

Mykonos’ cosmopolitan character has made it famous as an international tourist resort. However, even the most unsuspicious visitor realizes immediately that Mykonos is not only a “crazy bon viveur” but also a beautiful, picturesque island with an all-white Hora (Chora – the main village) next to the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. An island that enchants the visitor with the golden, sandy beaches, the typical Cycladic color, the lively atmosphere, the friendly and easy-going people and the endless relation with the glorious past.

The whole complex of island including Mykonos-Delos-Rinia having been officially characterised as “an era of exquisite natural beauty” is protected in accordance with special legislation in order to preserve the unique natural and aesthetic beauty of the landscape. The tourist who comes to Mykonos, wherever he finds himself and despite the tourist development, can enjoy a unique natural environment with dentelated coasts, impressive rocks, old cottage houses, countless small and secluded churches, huge windmills and tiny pigeon lofts. All these together with the clear atmosphere, the summer breeze, the colors – light and dark blue, grey, white – explain why Mykonos has inspired painters and photographers and has become the favorite holiday resort for many socialites.

The island’s beauty as well as the friendliness of the people and the eternal magic of Delos, one of the most sacred places of Antiquity, have made Mykonos one of the most cosmopolitan holiday resorts of the Mediterranean, if not the whole world.

Various famous people coming from all domains of human activities have visited Mykonos; intellectuals and politicians, artists and members of the international jet-set, fashion designers, tycoons, top models, famous photographers, kings, archaeologists etc. The list is so long that it would be difficult to fill it in without serious omissions. In spite of the island’s tourist development, the people haven’t changed. If one visits Mykonos today, during winter, and attempts to approach, talk and mingle with the locals, one will realize that the majority of the Mykonians are still friendly, ordinary, warm, easy-going people and they always find time to keep their traditions and their customs.

When to go

The beautiful temperature climate enjoyed on Mykonos means that you can visit it more or less all year round. The July-August period is the peak of the tourist season and the island is full of crowds – however you can still enjoy a quiet holiday with our help and advise. In June and September, you will find quite a few people. Another advantage in visiting before or after the peak is that there are no meltemia, or strong summer winds as they are known. And the weather is hot and dry – perfect swimming conditions.

Easter is also a good time to visit Mykonos because you will get to witness many of the local traditions and customs, and because this is the start of the tourist season, so the island is organized in many ways.

In October the island cools down after the rush and prepares for winter, but the weather is normally still good enough to allow swimming. During winter, however, most shops are closed and very few people remain on the island. This is a time when the island shows a completely different, pleasantly surprising face, compared to the one during the tourist season.


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