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pelican of Mykonos

In 1958, a pelican was found half dead by a fisherman in Mykonos, who took care of the bird and nursed it back to health. The people of Mykonos quickly grew fond of it and named it Petros (Peter), who later became the island’s mascot. Unfortunately, in 1986 Petros the Pelican of Mykonos died a rape victim of a drunken tourist, according to one version of the story, and hit by a car, according to another. The sudden loss of the Pelican made the island residents bring in his successor, to whom they gave the same name… it is very easy to meet Petros the pelican; he and the other pelicans stroll around at the capital’s waterfront, showing a particular preference to the tavern Nikos. The sure thing is that wherever they go, tourists are always there with them, to have their photographs or videos taken with the popular bird.


A unique feature and as well a multi-photographed issue and published in numerous magazines, tourist guides, is the existence of pelicans. Those pretty big birds can be met everywhere in the central streets of Mykonos, where they wander around among the tourists. It would be remarkable to report the brief story about the existence of these two Pelicans. In 1958 one of these pelicans fell on one of the little island caiques. The fisherman of these little caiques gave the proper medical aid to the poor bird and then he let it go free. In the years ahead this pelican became a Mykonos’ inhabitant, taking a good supplement of feeling by the locals as well. The name that was given by the people of the islands was Petros (Peter). This first Pelican became the mascot of Mykonos up to his death in 1986.


Meanwhile, Jackie Kennedy donated another Pelican that was named Irene-Irini. After the death of the original Petros (Peter), a gift was given to the island of another Pelican, by the Hamburg’s Zoo. That other pelican was called Petros (Peter) as well. In the beginning of the year 1995 another young pelican, which fell on the island wounded, he was healed and named Nikolas. His presence in Mykonos was an easy issue because the existence of the two other Pelicans. Therefore in nowadays the number of Pelicans is up to three and their presence is a pleasant site for everyone who visits the island of Mykonos, especially for those who are fond of animals.