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There may be Greek islands with a greater gastronomical tradition than Mykonos, but surely no other island offers a wider array of choices and diversity of flavors.


Greeks are known for their hedonistic way of life, especially when it comes to gastronomy. At the Mykonos restaurants suggested through Mykonos Gold, you will be surprised by the gastronomic delights, the first-rate service and the friendly environment, whether you are dining under the stars, next to a beach or in a specially fashioned garden restaurant.


In Mykonos, just like all around Greece, food is a way of life. Just open any restaurant menu and you will be surprised by the impressive parade of Greek cuisine dishes. Sea food is also a prominent choice among local restaurants, where you can enjoy fresh fish, shell-fish and lobster dishes. To accompany your dinner, besides the more classic choices, you may opt for Greek ouzo or wines produced in Mykonos.


All kinds of cuisine are available in Mykonos restaurants, from Greek and Italian, to Chinese and Argentinean and many others, served in the perfect scenery. Moreover, Mykonos restaurants are more than places to grab a bite before your night out; there are the places to go for your night out. Major restaurants offer a greater range of Greek and international cuisine dishes. And even if dining in Mykonos costs you a bit extra, rest assured that it will be worth it; dining in Mykonos is always a memorable experience. If you are looking for something simpler than a hip restaurant, there are many small family restaurants and tavernas on the island, serving a unique version of Greek cuisine you will not find anywhere else in the world. In Greek taverns you will be served exclusively Greek cuisine mostly consisting of fresh fish and shell fish, where all taverns on the island are outdoors.


Note that due to the popularity of Mykonos as a tourist destination, in most restaurants you should make a reservation before hand, in order to get a table without having to wait long before being seated. What is certain, is that you should opt for Greek cuisine at least once during your stay, or else your visit to Mykonos will not be complete. Wherever you chose to enjoy your lunch of dinner –in a tavern, a modern restaurant, a luxury hotel or a beach restaurant– your food will always be more than a pleasurable sensation and the service will never be less than perfect.

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