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Very few hotspots in the world can compete with Mykonos’ nightlife; it is this very vivid nightlife which has played such a huge part in the massive tourism growth of Mykonos.


During the morning hours, you will meet locals going to and from their workplace, people taking walks and doing their shopping, tourist families and older visitors as well as people stopping over at Mykonos as part of their cruise. In the nighttime though, the streets of the Mykonos’ capital tell a whole different story. Most night clubs in Mykonos, are located there and each night up until the first morning hours, people from all over the world, of all ages and all sexual orientations are here to enjoy themselves and dance to the music. Many clothing and other retail stores stay open up until 2 in the morning, sometimes later, adding to the vivid Mykonos nightlife.


In the capital, as well as around the island, you can find many stylish, expensive shops; the capital also hosts numerous bars playing sounds from the Greek and worldwide music industry, bar-restaurants, café-bars and clubs in all shapes and sizes. On the Mykonos capital waterfront there is Remezzo and Guzel. Walking towards the heart of the capital, you are sure to pass by the legendary Pierro’s; that alley is almost impenetrable from the gathered crowd. Every night at around 1:30 at Manto and the Coffee Cat, there is a drag show, after which you can dance to house music. And from there we move on to the Mykonos meeting point, the triangle shaped outside the bars Joy, Cosi and Queen bar, guaranteeing you a good time. Each of those popular Mykonos bars has its own style. Joy war recently renovated with white and blue tones, maintaining its mainstream music, friendly atmosphere and divine cocktails. Passo Doble plays jazz, rock, acid jazz, soul and funk music, while its large choice of tequilas brings a Mexican vibe to the island. And that leaves Cosi, the corner bright white bar which plays Greek and worldwide mainstream music. Mykonos bars in this area have something in common. They are all relatively small – which is fitting to their friendly environment. Their size, combined with the summer heat, makes people enjoy one drink after the other mostly outside the bars. So, with time, this bar triangle became the nightlife hotspot of the island. It is there where you will meet most of the showbiz personas from Greek and abroad visiting the island. Leaving the famous triangle and moving towards Little Venice, you will pass from Aigli and Astra. The first crowds gather there early on, at 8 o clock in the evening, or earlier even, directly after the beach wearing beachwear, their hair still wet from swimming. Later at night, though, the same people come back here with evening wear and trendy dresses, inline with the lifestyle and nightlife of Mykonos.


In Little Venice you will find yet another Mykonos nightlife hotspot; with one bar next to the other, Little Venice is known for its marvelous cocktails, especially the ones they make at Scarpa Bar. It is worth going to this bar just to try the Katerinaki cocktail, famous around Mykonos for its secret recipe, which you will not have the chance to taste anywhere else. Next to Galleraki, there is Semeli bar, Veranda, Caprice, Mykonos Bar and many others.


Finally, many nighttime beach parties take place outside the capital at the Paradise and Super Paradise beaches. But Mykonos is not all about parties in nightclubs and shopping. Aside from these, you can also find fun activities like playing casino games, visiting the beaches and enjoying the food. There will always be great things to do for everyone, whether one wants to stay up all night, a typical world traveler, a gambler or a nature lover; your stay here in Mykonos can mean anything from the most heavenly place to the wildest parties.


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