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Summerize your beauty routine and your look! Protect your skin, sweat-proof your makeup, and feel fabulous in your swimsuit or engoy a body treatment at one of the best salons in Mykonos. Here you'll find all the addresses you need, to look and feel beautiful during your vacation with beauty treatments, best spa visits, personal or group workout, and a new hair style. The expertised beauticians, hair stylists and fitness trainers will provide you withthe quickest ways and advice to make over your beauty routine.

Beauty Salons

mykonos beauty salons

You will find many beauty salons in Mykonos. If you want to have a healthy skin then you should visit a beauty salon on a regular basis.

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Spa Centers

mykonos spa

With the stress and pressure on one’s life, people often visit spa centers to de-stress, especially during holidays.

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Sports & Fitness

mykonos gyms yoga sports

In Mykonos, you will find many gyms and wellness centres, yoga and Pilates studios, meditation centres and even dance schools.

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Hair Salons

mykonos hair salons

When you visit a hair salon from time to time, you can get a new and the trendiest hair style each time.

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